We are dedicated to empowering our soul tribe's success and prosperity! We shine brightly like stars when we work together!

Tap into your true potential with Zane Baker's transformative energy work and start living the life you truly deserve!

Welcome to The ZenTribe:

A Journey of Transformation!

Dive into a world where personal growth and self-discovery are not just ideals, but a way of life. Guided by the visionary Zane Baker, ZenTribe is your sanctuary for inner peace and holistic wellness. Here, we embrace the beautiful complexities of the human spirit, empowering each member with the wisdom and tools to flourish on their unique path. Our community is built on trust, support, and connection - all rooted in the belief that true healing and transformation comes from within.

With a wide range of resources and offerings, ZenTribe is your one-stop destination for mind, body, and soul nourishment. From workshops and retreats to online courses and personalized coaching, we offer diverse opportunities for growth and self-care. Our experienced team of professionals are dedicated to helping you reach your full potential by providing guidance, inspiration, and accountability every step of the way.

At ZenTribe, we understand that each individual's journey is different. That's why our approach is tailored to meet your unique needs and goals. We believe in a holistic approach to wellness - addressing not just physical health but also mental.

Zane, a life transformation strategist and spiritual guide, has created this space to inspire, uplift, and catalyze transformation. With each soul's journey at the heart of ZenTribe, we believe in the power of unity and enlightenment to change lives and heal the world.

Join us, be part of a vibrant community committed to self-realization and collective growth. Embark on this journey together, transforming one soul at a time! Sign up for our ZenTribe newsletter to stay updated and receive a free guided meditation.


Zentribe: A harmonious collective of souls embarking on a transformative journey to heal and transcend. We ignite the world with love, unity, and unwavering support, manifesting dreams and embracing visionary spirits. Together, we create a tapestry of boundless possibilities. #Zentribe #Transformation #DreamWeavers

Rain Rain

Soul fam: a timeless bond that unites kindred spirits. It's a deep sense of belonging and understanding, where hearts align and souls intertwine. No matter the challenges or distance, the soul fam stands strong together, facing life's storms united.

Queen Nessa

Zentribe community, you don’t have it anywhere, but here! People are loved, and friendly. Each of them are always there for you through thick and thin. They comfort you like angels among us. They’re your mamas, papas, sisters and brothers. You never feel that loneliness because they always knock on your door, DM you asking "how you doing?" Send you love and you feel that caring feeling. We came together as a family the Zentribe.

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